• Interior and exterior restoration
  • Two story lobby in historic building
  • Restoration to original design

Renovating the two-story lobby of the Lightner Museum, the historic former hotel built by Henry Flagler in 1887, took a bit of detective work. Mike Davis used old photos and clues left behind on layers of wall exposed during renovation to accurately recreate and renovate the lobby inside and out. It took working jointly with the museum, manufacturers and A.D. Davis’ own carpenters and skilled staff to bring the museum back to its original splendor. A.D. Davis replaced exterior windows and doors, interior tile floors, walls, ceilings and plaster cornice and trim. The result, an award-winning restoration that has been featured in lifestyle magazines and television programs.

“With more than 100,000 guests passing through this lobby each year, this is probably one of the most visible projects A.D. Davis has completed. A.D. Davis is well known for the attention to detail and quality renovation they’ve brought to St. Augustine’s most important historic buildings, such as Flagler College and the Lightkeeper’s House. But the work they have done here at the Lightner Museum is one of the most open and visible testaments to their talents. For a project this important, you don’t necessarily choose the lowest bidder. You choose a company that has a proven track record for quality work. That’s why we chose A.D. Davis.”

- Bob Harper, Lightner Museum Executive Director